Standard WordPress backups and update package.

This Package is for clients that have there own hosting platform. Our team of experts will monitor your website core framework, apply updates to plugins & themes, and provide a monthly backup of your website to the Amazon S3 Cloud Server. The website environment is monitored with server-side scanning as well as remote scanning.

Standard WordPress backups and update package.


Excluding VAT
Monthly debit order.
per website

  • Update of Core Framework
  • Backup to Amazon Cloud service
  • Incremental Backup monthly, Quarterly & Yearly
  • Easy Restoration on any server, domain or sub-domain

Transfering to our Hostng Servers

We’ll make this process as easy as possible for you.

We’ll assist you in the following:

  • Domain transferal assistance.
  • We will transfer all the website’s content, settings, emails and databases free of charge.

We fully manage all plugin, theme, and core file updates for you with a 99.997% Success Rate